Spam Poetry

Color jumbleI get loads of spam emails in my various email accounts, and most of them contain random snippets of classic written works (Charles Dickens is a spammer favorite) or word salad (disjointed, nonsensical phrases). Spammers use these random sentences in an attempt to get their emails past spam filters, but my filters still manage to capture most of them.

I once took a class in poetry and some of these nonsense sentences found in spam remind me of some of the more experimental poems I read for that class. I decided to recombine these spam sentence fragments into poem form, and I dedicate them to all of the live nude girls, phishermen, online pharmacies, home mortgagers, and penny stock touters out there, especially those persistent folks trying to drive up the share price of Koko Petroleum by sending me all of those emails every day!


All kinds of contortions,
Stroking his face.
Dreamed of ancient caldera,
And every kind of thing you can mention.


I must confess,
But there is no one who deserves to love you
But I.
What did I say just now?
A will of your own,
I was not aware of it.
I am afraid.

Oh Koko!

The livelong day,
Extinguished and dreadfully young.
And with the past
It haunted me,
Lured me away,
So powerful.
You don't remember me…
You are always right.

Your Account

Revolving the glorious vision,
All the way and where after,
Even in my inmost thoughts,
I might sleep again perhaps.


Frown upon the deep,
I mistrusted,
Not as innocent.
So reliant upon me,
An expedition of duty,
Other reasons unsubstantial enough.
Time came for my leaving,
Electress dexterity,
Ventured on a second,
Given to the winds.

A Degree

Someone of a nobler character
Looking watchfully
With resentment against those who injured him,
Were treacherous to him.
He never was really strong,
More like a fly than a human being.