Green Grass and Horses

The monsoon rains have caused the grass to turn green in many areas around Tucson, especially in the low-lying mesquite bosques (dense riparian woodlands of Velvet Mesquite trees) along the Tanque Verde Wash. The mesquite bosque can be seen in the distance behind this horse happily grazing in a green pasture.

White horse grazing on green grass

As soon as the horses in this pasture saw me, they gave up on the fresh, green grass and came over to me hoping for a treat.

White horse

I didn't have anything for them, but they were quite interested in my camera, and they craned their necks over the fence trying to get a closer view of it. One of the horses sniffed the camera and then snorted suspiciously at it (luckily I had closed my lens cap so my lens wasn't sprayed), while another curious horse reached out with wriggling lips trying to put the camera in her mouth (which I didn't allow of course). When I got back into the car, the horses returned to contentedly grazing on the green grass.