Moving to Hawaii

Hello readers! I'm moving to the Big Island of Hawaii in May of this year. I'll be living in the Puna District, which is south of Hilo on the rainy, windward, less expensive side of the island. I'm very excited, but it will be a big change from sunny, arid Tucson. I'll have to learn a whole new set of plants and animals, but I'm up for the challenge. This part of the island is noted for its lush, tropical vegetation and many nurseries, especially those growing orchids and anthuriums, so I will have no shortage of interesting native, introduced, and cultivated plants to photograph.

Flamingo-lily (Anthurium andraeanum) in Hawaii

This website will happily continue on with the addition of Hawaiian species, and I will also keep adding more Arizona species as well. I have a huge backlog of Arizona photos (thousands of them), so I have plenty of future material. I also hope to revisit southeastern Arizona in the future, especially some of those interesting areas a bit more distant from Tucson (like the Chiricahua and Huachuca Mountains) that I really haven't explored as much as I would have liked due to the constraints of work, school, and limited funds.

Given my website's name and my future home, you might be wondering if there are fireflies in Hawaii… No, unfortunately there are no fireflies in Hawaii, but I am keeping the website name anyway because I'm such a big fan of these remarkable insects. In the future, I'll just have to travel if I want to see fireflies.