Zebra Doves

In Thailand, Zebra Doves or Barred Ground Doves (Geopelia striata) are native to the southern part of the country, but these popular caged birds have been introduced to the northern parts of Thailand as well. These Zebra Doves were wandering around on the lawns and walkways of Kasem Island Resort on an island in the Mae Klong River in Kanchanaburi Province in central Thailand.

Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata)

Zebra Doves are mostly a soft brownish gray with dark barring. Their eyes and the areas of bare skin around their eyes are blue, and they have pinkish feet. Juvenile Zebra Doves are browner and more mottled.

Juvenile Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata)

Thais keep Zebra Doves as pets not only for their pleasant but loud cooing, but because of the belief that doves can bring good luck (wealth and honor) to their owners. Every year on the first Saturday and Sunday of March, the ASEAN Zebra Dove (Barred Ground Dove) Cooing Contest is held at Khwan Mueang Park in Yala in southern Thailand. Each Zebra Dove contestant is placed in a cage atop a pole and is judged on its cooing ability.