Tuber Anemone and Poppy Anemone

Tuber Anemones (Anemone tuberosa) are native, early spring wildflowers that can usually be found blooming here in Tucson in February. Their flowers are white to the palest of pink. Sadly, because of our severe drought, I have yet to see any of them this year. There were quite a few Tuber Anemones blooming last year, but every time I went out to photograph them, I got rained on.

Tuber Anemone (Anemone tuberosa)

The lovely Tuber Anemone flowers wouldn't fully open on rainy days, so my photos of them last year were a bit sad.

Tuber Anemone (Anemone tuberosa)

I was hoping to get some better photos of Tuber Anemones this year, but I guess that I'll have to wait yet another year. The only blooming anemones I've seen this February are cultivated species like this Poppy Anemone or Crown Anemone (Anemone coronaria).

Poppy Anemone or Crown Anemone (Anemone coronaria)

Poppy Anemones are native to areas around the Mediterranean like Israel and Cyprus. Their poppy-like flowers can be white, red, pink, purple, or blue. Like Tuber Anemones, Poppy Anemones have tuberous roots and bloom very early in spring when the weather is still cool.