The Lovely Lavender

One of my all-time favorite plants is Lavender (Lavandula spp.).

Lavender (Lavandula sp.) flowers with Bumblebees (Bombus sp.)

Not only is it beautiful in both form and color, lavender has the most heavenly scent, a combination of floral, herbal, and a touch of honey.

Bee on Lavender (Lavandula sp.) flowers

Not surprisingly, Lavender is very popular with a wide variety of bees.

Lavender is native to areas around the Mediterranean, and this lovely plant has been cultivated for millennia.

Field of Lavender (Lavandula sp.) on the Pelindaba Farm on San Juan Island, Washington

Knowing my love (bordering on obsession) for lavender, on their recent trip to Washington state, my parents visited the Pelindaba lavender farm on San Juan Island to get me some much-appreciated gifts, and this is where these photographs were taken.

I have an essential oil fan diffuser in my bedroom, and I'll put 15 drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton diffuser pad at bedtime, and it quickly fills my room with the wonderful, peaceful scent of lavender which helps me sleep.

Unfortunately, I haven't had much success growing lavender here in Tucson, and my lavender plants keep breaking my heart and dying on me. Our hellish June weather with some days over 110 °F (43.3 °C) causes me to either fatally over or under water my poor lavender plants. Oh well, I've always got the lovely essential oil.

Lavender (Lavandula sp.) flowers with a Bumblebee (Bombus sp.)