Moonlight and a String of Lights

I have a string of dragonfly lights hanging in a tree on the east side of my patio, where they often have the rising moon as a beautiful backdrop. This particular night, the full moon was glowing behind a misty veil of high clouds, and even though a camera can only capture a small portion of the luminous beauty of the moonlight, I felt compelled to take a photograph of it.

A full moon and a string of dragonfly lights in a tree

After taking the one normal photo above, I decided to take a few handheld, long exposure light trail photos just for fun. I jiggled the camera downward while the shutter was open and ended up with these strangely fence-like light trails created by the dragonfly lights.

Long exposure light trail photo

Next, I tried swirling the camera while aiming it at both the moon and lights, and this messy jumble of wiry light rings below emerged.

Long exposure light swirl photo

I then tried jiggling the camera vertically again and captured this dribbling row of electrifying light trails.

Long exposure light trail photo

Light trail photos are always fun, and different light sources (Christmas lights bundled into a firefly lantern, a flashing LED pin, a moving penlight) can produce weirdly similar to wildly different results.