The Dogs and the Mountain Lion

A couple of years ago, in early April, two dogs and one of their owners (all are friends of mine) encountered a Mountain Lion in their own driveway here in Tucson. One of the dogs, a black dog named Dakota, was attacked by the Mountain Lion (Puma Concolor).


Dakota is a very large dog, but he was no match for the Mountain Lion, and he was knocked to the ground and the big cat began biting him. The other dog, a husky named Khumba, rushed at the Mountain Lion to defend poor Dakota, and this and the yells of the horrified owner soon chased the Mountain Lion away. Luckily, Dakota survived his injuries, and the Mountain Lion hasn't been seen since. Khumba was very brave to try to fight off a Mountain Lion to save his canine friend instead of quite sensibly fleeing.

Khumba, a husky with one blue eye and red-green eye shine

The brave Khumba has odd-colored eyes, which isn't uncommon in a husky. His brown eye reflects green, and his blue eye reflects red.

Khumba, a husky with one blue eye and red-green eye shine

Both of these dogs are adorable, but Khumba in particular is also unusually photogenic, and I find his bicolored eye shine quite fascinating.