Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2006

Yesterday, I visited the Tucson Electric Park Gem & Mineral Show, just one of the many different shows that collectively make up the Tucson International Gem & Mineral Show, which runs from January 27 to February 12. Most of the exhibitors there were in large tents.

Giant Amethyst geodes at the Tucson Electric Park Gem & Mineral Show

Wholesale and retail rocks, minerals, fossils, jewelry, carvings, gemstones, beads, jewelry supply, and lapidary equipment can all be found at the Gem Show, and shoppers can find some really good deals and unusual items. I don't know who would need a giant Quartz sphere, but they do have them there.

Giant Quartz sphere

I like to go mainly just to look at all of the interesting and beautiful things. I thought that these Pyrite spheres were lovely.

Pyrite (Fool's Gold) polished spheres

All of the Pyrite (Fool's Gold) that I've ever found is brittle and crumbly, so I'm amazed that they were able to make polished spheres out of it.

A variety of imported crafts and artworks can also be found at the Gem Show, like these unusual wooden frogs.

Army of carved wooden frogs

I think that the frogs are holding umbrellas, but their militant expressions make me wonder if this army of frogs is actually holding spears.