Tucson Sunrises and Sunsets

Here in Tucson, the sun rises over the Rincon Mountains to the east of the city.

Sunrise over the Rincon Mountains in Tucson, Arizona

There is an old weather proverb:

Red sky by morning,
sailor take warning.
Red sky at night,
sailor's delight.

Red sunrise over the Rincon Mountains in Tucson, Arizona

The red sunrise shown above occurred on December 21, 2002, and although the weather was cool with a high of 55 °F (12.8 °C) and a low of 35 °F (1.7 °C), there was no rain that day… But rain did arrive the next day, so perhaps this proverb may still generally apply even for landlocked Tucson.

This past October, after a day of photographing wildflowers under dark, cloudy skies in the Santa Catalina Mountains, I stopped at Babad Do'ag Vista to capture the setting sun peaking out from below the heavy clouds. Babad Do'ag (Frog Mountain) is the Tohono O'odham name for the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Sunset over the Tucson Mountains in Tucson, Arizona

The mountains west of Tucson visible in the above photograph are the Tucson Mountains. Unfortunately, I can't see the beautiful Tucson Mountains from my house, and instead this is the sunset view from my yard.

Sunset in Tucson, Arizona