Creepy Ambient Electronic Music

While I often listen to classical music or relaxing new age music when I'm writing papers or working on one of my websites, I sometimes like to listen to something a little bit different or somewhat darker like this playlist of my favorite creepy ambient electronic songs.

1. Amongst the Ruins – Delerium – Poem
2. Spirit in the New World – Ronan Hardiman – Lord of the Dance
3. Underworld – Kitaro – Cirque Ingenieux
4. Cavern I – Black Air – Brannan Lane – Lost Caverns of Thera
5. Nightmare – Ronan Hardiman – Lord of the Dance
6. Mysterious Island – Kitaro – Dream
7. Dark Star – Delerium – Reflections II
8. Fathoms – Delerium – Spiritual Archives
9. Temple of Light – Delerium – Archives, Vol. 1
10. Pool of Tears – Chris Vrenna – American McGee's Alice
11. New Dawn – Delerium – Archives, Vol. 1
12. Somnolent – Delerium – Archives, Vol. 1
13. Death from Above – Brannan Lane – Lost Caverns of Thera
14. Barren Ground – Delerium – Spiritual Archives

Amongst the Ruins is my favorite song in this playlist, but I think that Somnolent is by far the creepiest song with strange howling beasts and a preacher that sounds like a demon (or a Goa'uld).

These songs are probably not to most people's tastes because they have lots of weird synthesizers and spooky ambient sound effects, but I find them strangely artistically inspiring. When I was in art school, we always had music playing as we worked to help enhance our creativity.

To accompany this post, I searched around in my massive photo collection to find something suitably creepy, and I found this photo of a rather frightening looking African carving with blank eyes and electrocuted eyebrows.

African carving

The carved figure is one of a number of attractive African artworks that my parents have displayed around their house, and when not lit from below it looks quite harmless. A very old photographic trick is to light faces from below to make them look creepy or evil, as can be seen with this photo of the renowned horror movie actor Bela Lugosi.