Late October Wildflowers in Molino Basin

Yesterday, my dad and I hiked up the canyon to the east of Molino Basin Campground in the lower Santa Catalina Mountains, and we brought along my dog Bounder.

Molino Basin Canyon in the Arizona's Santa Catalina Mountains

This scenic mountain canyon is lined with oak and juniper trees, and you can either walk in the rocky wash or walk on the trails through the grass and brush.

Wildflowers are getting hard to find here in Tucson now that the killing frosts of November are only weeks away, but there is still an abundance of autumn wildflowers in the Molino Basin area. The red-flowered Hummingbird Trumpet (Epilobium canum) bushes are in full bloom along the wash.

Hummingbird Trumpet (Epilobium canum)

Golden-flowered Turpentine bushes (Ericameria laricifolia) are scattered over the rocky hillsides. These fall-blooming shrubs were absolutely covered with butterflies and other insects enjoying the bountiful flowers.

Turpentine bush (Ericameria laricifolia)

I'm not sure how much longer the Molino Basin wildflowers will last or how frost-resistant they are, but the average first frost date for Tucson is November 24. Molino Basin is at a higher elevation, so frosty nights will arrive sooner there and may blacken these lovely wildflowers.