Canyon Treefrogs in Sabino Canyon

Although the weather is still warm, Sabino Canyon here in Tucson is a nice place to visit in September after our monsoon rains have gone for the year. During September, there is usually nice, clear flowing water in the creek, without the monsoon risk of flash floods and lightning.

Sabino Canyon near Tucson, Arizona

While walking along the creek at this time of year, it is commen to see quite a few Canyon Treefrogs (Hyla arenicolor) hopping about in the shallow water.

Canyon Treefrog (Hyla arenicolor)

Even though their whitish coloration contrasts greatly with the brown algae and tannin-stained water, it still provides the Canyon Treefrogs with good camouflage because there are quite a few whitish rocks (mainly banded gneiss) scattered about in the stream bed. Relying on their camouflage, Canyon Treefrogs will often allow humans to approach quite closely.