Hummingbird Trumpet

In the Tucson area, wild-growing Hummingbird Trumpets (Epilobium canum) are usually found in rocky canyons in the foothills and in upland washes.

Hummingbird Trumpet (Epilobium canum)

In September, I discovered this Hummingbird Trumpet and several others blooming near the flowing stream in Molino Basin Campground in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson. Depending on rainfall or available soil moisture and temperature, these plants can bloom from June to December.

Hummingbird Trumpets used to be known as Zauschneria californica (California fuchsia), but they have recently been reclassified. These native subshrubs make attractive garden plants, especially for hummingbird gardens, and they are generally available in Southwestern plant nurseries.