Tanque Verde Falls

A short ways up Redington Road, a steep, dirt trail across from a parking lot leads down to Tanque Verde Falls. This canyon area has usually year-round water, a wide variety of native plants, scenic waterfalls, and deep, natural swimming holes with lovely, clear water. Sometimes, as it is here, the water is too high and it's difficult to reach the pools and falls.

Flooded stream below Tanque Verde Falls

The only problem is that this area is also quite dangerous. The rocks are smooth and polished from the water, and they are VERY slippery. This area is also prone to severe flash flooding. It seems like every year there are fatal falls and drownings here. It's a great place to visit, but only if you are careful and wear proper shoes and avoid the canyon after heavy rains or when there are thunderstorms around.

Flooded canyon near Tanque Verde Falls

I took these photos the previous spring when this scenic canyon was flooding after a rainstorm, which is why there is a tree in the stream.