Tufted Globe Amaranth

Tufted Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena caespitosa) has tiny, yellow or white tubular flowers that are surrounded by creamy white, petal-like bracts.

Tufted Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena caespitosa)

These low-growing plants have the characteristic dry, straw-like flowerheads of other Globe Amaranths. The commonly cultivated species of Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena globosa, is much taller and has more colorful flowers that are often used for dried flowers. Tufted Globe Amaranth flowers are not colorful and have very short stems, so they would not make nice dried flowers.

I spotted this plant growing in Molino Basin Campground, one of my favorite places to look for plants. Several different biotic communities converge there, and riparian, desert scrub, chaparral, oak-juniper woodland, and desert grassland species can all be found together there in Molino Canyon.