Cactus Wren, the State Bird of Arizona

The Cactus Wren (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus) is Arizona's state bird, and it's common in desert areas throughout most of Arizona.

Cactus Wren (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus)

While these large wrens are not particularly grand or colorful, and their raspy, scolding songs and dry chattering calls are the opposite of beautiful, they are still one of my favorite birds here in Arizona. Like all wrens, they are remarkably cheerful, bold, inquisitive, and industrious.

Cactus Wrens are particularly fond of spiders, and every day they diligently search the eaves and windows of my house for spiders. As I have arachnophobia, I absolutely adore them for doing this!

Cactus Wrens (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus)

Cactus Wrens usually form small family groups, and are often found together as they hunt for bugs or patrol around their territory. Sharp-eyed Cactus Wrens are often the first birds to spot potential threats like snakes or owls, and the whole Cactus Wren family will soon join in scolding them. The sound of angry, scolding Cactus Wrens has alerted me to the presence of rattlesnakes in my yard before I or my dogs could accidentally encounter them.