Firecracker Bush

Firecracker Bush or Firecrackerbush (Bouvardia ternifolia) is a native shrub that can be found in canyons and on rocky hillsides in upland areas near Tucson. It has red, tubular flowers and a long blooming season (April to October).

Firecracker Bush or Firecrackerbush (Bouvardia ternifolia)

Blooming Firecracker Bushes attract hummingbirds and will often have hummingbird "owners" who vigilantly guard these valuable nectar supplies from other hummingbirds. This particular Firecracker Bush was owned by a Broad-billed Hummingbird who kept watch on this bush and several blooming penstemons from a nearby tree overlooking Molino Canyon.

Because of their long blooming season and attractive flowers, Firecracker Bushes make nice plants for native gardens. They will have more numerous blooms and much denser foliage when given supplemental water. Wild Firecracker Bushes will have few blooms in years with little rain and may appear rather inconspicuous.