Sabino Canyon in Early April

I visited Sabino Canyon yesterday, and although it was nice and cool for hiking, it was very windy and so not the best for photography. I took the tram to the end off the canyon and then walked back. The stream was shallow, but still flowing well and very clear. Children were wading and making sand castles on the yellow sandy beaches.

Santa Catalina Mountain Phlox (Phlox tenuifolia)

In the brief lulls between the wind gusts, I managed to take a few pictures of plants and wildflowers. The Santa Catalina Mountain Phlox (Phlox tenuifolia) were blooming in the upper part of the canyon in shady, hillside areas, and these native plants were spectacular masses of white.

Sabino Canyon is normally a good place to look for wildflowers because it gets more precipitation than other parts of Tucson and is also watered by mountain runoff. Because of this, the stream in this riparian canyon is usually flowing.